The Top 5 Family-Friendly Things to Do in Miami

Miami has an extensive variety of family-friendly outings! (Photo by Canva)

Miami has something fun for everyone. While the Magic City is particularly known for its entertainment venues and party life, Miami has an exciting array of activities for the whole family. From world-famous museums to iconic aquariums, to beautiful parks and popular landmarks, the city is just waiting to be explored. To help you plan your next family vacation, here are the top five family-oriented activities in Miami!

1. A Visit to the Seaquarium

Sealife lovers rejoice! Miami is home to one of the most legendary aquariums in the world. Visit this stunning theme park, home to performing sea lions, killer whales, and more. Spend the day with endangered species, such as sea turtles and manatees that take refuge in the Seaquarium. You even have the opportunity to dance and play with dolphins. It’s a child’s dream! Not to mention the spectacular views of Miami’s downtown that you’ll get from the Seaquarium. 

 A child playing with the Seaquarium’s jellyfishes. (Photo by Canva)

2. Airboat Riding in the Everglades 

Not exactly in Miami, but it’s only a short ride away! These incredible, ancient marshlands are beaming with spectacular animals and plant species. The lore of Everglades National Park is centuries-old – where else can you be this close to alligators and crocodiles at once? Explore the stunning landscapes of the Everglades via an airboat guided tour, and be transported to an ecosystem outside of time. Learn of the geography and history of these beautiful lands and let the kids gasp when they see a manatee up close. 

Enjoy the thrills of an everglades airboat ride. (Photo by Canva)

3. Explore the Museum of Science

Who doesn’t love a good science experiment? The Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science is home to many fascinating scientific wonders. Explore the grand planetarium and the aquarium, as well as captivating exhibits on the human skin, flight, mammoths, x-rays and so much more. Lose yourself as you learn about biology, ecology, astronomy, and various other fields of study. Interactive displays and inventive engineering labs offer dynamic activities for kids and parents alike. 

Fun exhibits await in the Museum of Science! (Photo by Canva)

4. A Family Stroll in Vizcaya 

On a brilliant, sunny day, tour the gorgeous estate of Vizcaya. This Italian-villa-inspired building is finely decored with stunning architecture, lush, manicured gardens, and breathtaking views of Biscayne Bay. Declared a National Historic Landmark, travel back in time to the 20th century, and delight in exquisite collections of fine art. Of course, it’s just as beautiful to take pictures of the water fountains and angelic statues. Take in the ocean breeze and enjoy a very peaceful excursion.

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, glistening in the afternoon sun. (Photo by Canva)

5. Connecting With Nature: Biscayne Bay

Biscayne Bay is incomparably beautiful and wondrous. Across the natural bay, you’ll enjoy the expectable of some of the most luxurious, grand mansions and yachts – owned by famous actors, singers, businesspeople, and the likes. (You might even spot Gloria Estefan!) Across the palatial homes, delight in the bay’s calm, clear blue waters and be transported to a peaceful place. From the cruise, take in awe the stunning views of Miami’s downtown – a unique point of view only possible from the water. This is a unique VIP experience for the whole family.

Nature and riches abound in Biscayne Bay! (Photo by Canva)

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