The Most Instagrammable Spots in Key West

Key West is a gorgeous beach paradise in the Gulf of Mexico. (Photo by Canva)

Key West is synonymous with natural beauty and splendor! Located in the most southern section of mainland U.S., this island dreamland is home to gorgeous beaches, nature reserves, and a welcoming local community. With so much charm around you, your Instagram is going to be full of gorgeous posts. And your Instagram stories? Glistening! To help you with your next Key West outing, here’s a guide to the most Instagrammable places in Key West.

1. The Southernmost Point

Located on, well, the southernmost point of the continental U.S., the Point Buoy is the prime place for an Insta pic. The concrete buoy demarks the spot perfectly, so all your friends and family will know you were just a few miles from Cuba. This is a popular location, especially during the sunset hours, so try to get here early in the day to have it all to yourself.

the Southernmost Point is both peculiar and fun! (Photo by Canva)

2. Ernest Hemingway Museum

Welcome to the past home of the legendary American author. The French-colonial-style building harbors the Ernest Hemingway Museum, which includes exhibits commemorating the novelist. Constructed in 1851, the house is gorgeously decorated with fine detailing and exquisite precision. An Insta post is mandatory here! 

Visit the historical home of the famed American author. (Photo by Canva)

3. Key West Lighthouse

The Key West Lighthouse stands tall into the crystalline skies. This spectacular structure is both magnificent and classic – an emblematic symbol of Key West. Try to capture the entire lighthouse in your shot, or take a quick snapshot with the fluorescent greenery that surrounds it.  

 The gorgeous lighthouse towers above the trees. (Photo by Canva)

4. Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square

This Insta-worthy festivity happens daily on the island. Mallory Square is on the very north tip of the island and is famed for having some of the most incredible sunsets in the world. Locals come together during twilight to salute the setting sun. Deep purples mix with pale golds and vibrant pinks in the atmosphere as the sun hides behind the sea. These are prime Instagram moments right here.

A magical sunset in a magical place. (Photo by Canva)

5. Key West Mural

Located next to the popular Cuban Coffee Queen cafe, the welcome mural is another iconic piece of Key West culture. Colorful and friendly, as well as vintage and historical, the welcome sign has been the perfect backdrop for many Instagram posts. Once you have the perfect picture, walk a few steps and get yourself a delicious coffee and sandwich.

A couple takes a quick selfie. (Photo by Canva)

6. The U.S. Route 1 Marker

Every journey has a beginning and an end. Roads are similar in nature. Key West is home to the Mile Marker Zero sign, which indicated the end – possibly the beginning – of Route 1. The twin sign is located hundreds of miles up north in Fort Kent, Maine. These are some of the most famous road markers in the U.S., so when you come and visit, make sure to take a photo to have proof that you came. 

The U.S. Route 1 marker. (Photo by Canva)

7. Duval Street

If Key West had to be summed up succinctly in just one place, that place would be Duval Street. Duval runs from north to south of the island and is home to countless businesses, shops, restaurants, bars, and other tourist spots. There are countless places to snag a Insta pic, but you can’t go wrong in Duval Street – there is color and life everywhere you see! 

The incredible Duval Street is Key West’s beating heart! (Photo by Canva)

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