Little Havana Miami Tour

Little Havana is a neighborhood in Miami, but also so much more. Named a national treasure by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, this neighborhood is brimming with music, art, colors, and food. With Little Havana Tours and various exploration trips, you will get to know the people, places, and pastimes of the Cuban culture.

Learn about local history

To get familiar with Little Havana completely, you need to start from its history. Start by taking a step back in time at Miami Dade College’s Tower Theater, where you can watch an indie film from vintage seats. If this is your first-time visit to the neighborhood, you also need to check out Cubaocho Museum and Performing Arts Center. This spot is a fusion of a museum and a gathering space where art, music, and dancing meet every day.

If you want a more detailed introduction to Little Havana, book a cultural walk tour with experts, so you can find out everything about the area’s past and traditions. Your guide will show you all the important landmarks and hidden gems you probably won’t discover on your own.

Explore Calle Ocho

Little Havana is the heart and soul of the Cuban diaspora in Miami, and at its center is Calle Ocho, a vibrant street lined with restaurants, bakeries, fruit stands, bars, cigar shops, and art and music venues inspired by the Latin influence. This is where you’ll find the famous Maximo Gomez Park, AKA Domino Park, where you can watch locals play serious games of domino and discuss even more serious subjects. The street is covered with murals and other art, most of which depict symbols of Cuban heritage.

Take a foodie tour

One of the best Little Havana Tours you can take is a foodie tour. There’s no better way to get to know an area than through its food, so this tour will take you to all the best family-owned restaurants and familiarize you with the tasty dishes you eat. Your edible journey will not only fill up your stomach but also supply your head with food and cultural knowledge of the area.

Explore Little Havana through art

Little Havana has an impressive art scene that’s worth exploring. The neighborhood is a host to Calle Ocho Music Festival in March that usually has some big performers entertaining the crowd. But if you miss the festival, you can still soak up the local culture through art galleries like Futurama 1637 and Molina Fine Art Gallery. If you’re hungry for some live music, head to the CubaOcho Museum and Performing Art Center, where you can listen to the traditional sounds of Cuba and sample an authentic mojito.

Snap some impressive photos

Get your camera ready to capture many Insta-worthy photos, especially when you get to Little Havana’s walk of fame with pink tiles touting the names of Latin stars like Celia Cruz and Gloria Estefan. Also, make sure to come up with many poses to strike in front of murals and sculptures on your Little Havana Tours.

With expert tours, you will get to learn about the history, people, and art scene of this unique neighborhood. Little Havana will capture your heart and fill you up with the spirit of the times long past.

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