Bimini ferry tickets

If you thought you had to travel halfway across the world to reach paradise, you are mistaken. Take our Bimini ferry tour to this small triplet of islands located in the Bahamas. Just a couple of hours away from Miami, Bimini is full of stunning beaches, marine life, wonderful local food, and ties to rich cultural heritage.  

Enjoy a round trip Bimini ferry tickets where you are going to feel like you are in paradise. Discover the historic and modern attractions, natural wonders, and exciting water activities, or just spend the day exploring the most beautiful beaches in the world. While you’ll see a number of tourists visiting the place, it still has its charm and will never feel too touristy. 

Best Beaches to Explore in Bimini

Located just 110 miles from the southern coast of Florida, a trip to Bimini is an idyllic getaway to tropical bliss. Imagine yourself relaxing on the white and pink beaches, most of which are calm and almost deserted. Most of these popular beaches are located along the North Bimini’s western side. But, if you are looking to party, the Resorts World beach serves some exciting casual menu with frozen drinks. For a more deserted island, head to Radio Beach, where you are most likely to have the entire beach to yourself. 

Things to Do in Bimini

Whether you wish to lay on the beach for hours or want to feel your heart pumping fast, there is something for everything. There are a number of watersports such as parasailing, snorkeling, jet-skiing, and others for you to explore. You can choose to enjoy hiring through the popular trails – from caves to jungles in the wildlife reserves of Lucayan National Park. When it comes to food, try out the lobster and conch Pizza at Edith’s Pizza or stop by one of those roadside shacks for some conch salad and fritters. For history buffs, you can visit local boat builders, Ansil Saunders, and even the Dolphin Museum to learn more about the place. 

Our Hotel Pick – Resorts World by Hilton

If you need more than just a few hours to explore the beautiful island, stay in the only big resort on the island – Resorts World by Hilton. It is an upscale resort right on the beach with every luxury you might want in a resort. You also get access to a free shuttle from the beach club, where you will find a restaurant, a bar, loungers, cabanas, and beautiful ocean views. 

Experience the Bimini Bliss with Gray Line

Whether you wish to do a day tour to Bimini or want to stay overnight in the best resort on the island, we have the Bimini ferry tickets to make sure you have a great time! Travel by ferry across the Atlantic and enjoy your time on one of the gorgeous white-sand beaches you will ever find. 

Book bimini ferry Bahamas from Gray Line and enjoy unforgettable hours in a tropical and relaxed atmosphere close to Miami. Just pop in your passport, pack your bag and jump on our ferry for a paradise escape!

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