GLM x myVEGAS Slots: Vivian’s Great Miami Adventure!

Vivian had an incredible time exploring the Magic City! (Photo by myVEGAS/Canva)

For Vivian from myVEGAS Slots, it was time for a fantastic vacation! 

After much consideration, envisioning herself in The Bahamas or Key West, Vivian decided to travel to the Magic City itself, Miami! She went over the various Gray Line Miami tours available in the rewards store on her favorite game, myVEGAS Slots. She knew she would get not only the best deals, but she would enjoy a guided tour with the premier tourism agency in South Florida.

But what to do in Miami? There’s simply too much! She could explore the city’s natural side by touring Biscayne Bay, go on a delicious food adventure on a culinary walking tour, or even enjoy the thrill of cruising above the water on a Flyboard. But in the end, she decided to go on a tour that had everything she wanted and more. The Best of Miami Tour! She couldn’t wait to fill her camera roll with new memories of iconic Miami wonders. 

Vivian loved all the timeless beauty that Miami offers. (Photo by myVEGAS/Canva)

On the day of her tour, a modern and comfortable tour bus picked Vivian up from her hotel in downtown Miami. The heat and humidity were a bit on the stronger side that day, but her tour bus was cool and crisp. A nice relief! Staring out her window, she saw glistening, contemporary buildings that climbed to the sky. The streets of downtown were full of hurried people, and the art-deco architecture seemed both timeless and beautiful. As the bus headed out of downtown, Vivian saw that they approached a gorgeous bridge with peculiar-looking islands. 

The tour guide announced that they were driving down Venetian Causeway, Vivian felt amazed at how large and luxurious these homes looked. Each individual island had its own collection of mansions – all of them of various architectural styles. From modern to more vintage-looking homes, Vivian hoped that someone famous would come out for their mail! There was one home on Di Lido Island that caught her eye; she wondered if she could make an offer to the owner, and before she could wake from her lavish daydream, Vivian noticed that they were returning to mainland Miami and continuing with the tour.

Vivian saw colorful murals standing across many homes and businesses. She smelled the tastiest of foods and even got whiffs of bakeries and cafes. Under tall trees, Vivian spotted some older men and women playing dominos together, hunched over wide wooden tables. She knew where she was. This was the famous Little Havana neighborhood! From here, Vivian swore she could feel the cool Caribbean breeze that traveled out from the Atlantic. She loved how warm and kind the locals seemed; people, from adults to little children, were dancing on the streets, talking outside little supermarkets, and delighting in the shining sunlight. Her stomach rumbled imagining a stacked Cuban sandwich! This was Vivian’s favorite part of the tour. 

Vivian couldn’t believe how amazing all the murals were in Wynwood! (Photo by myVEGAS/Canva)

Nearing the end of her Miami expedition, Vivian reached the day’s final destination. She saw art installations everywhere! Even the fire hydrants and recycling bins were covered in amazing drawings. Not to mention the endless murals all over every wall. Vivian found herself in Wynwood, Miami’s hottest, trendiest neighborhood. They drove passed various cafes and dive bars, art galleries, and public parks. Vivian couldn’t believe how pretty and captivating everything was! She also couldn’t have imagined that her tour would end with such precious sights, art, and everyday Miami life. 

The bus dropped her back in her hotel downtown, and as she passed the crystalline lobby, and traveled on a silvery elevator, Vivian couldn’t believe just how magical Miami truly is. She was thrilled that this was just the first day of her vacation. As she was being dropped off, Vivian headed back inside her hotel to relax and do what she loves most. 

Wearing her favorite gray jumpsuit, she stepped outside and sat on her balcony,  pulled out her phone, and started playing her favorite app myVEGAS Slots. 

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