The Best Water Sports in Miami!

Miami is THE place for water sports! (Photo by Canva)

Miami is often thought of as a party city. And of course, you can always find a fun gettogether anywhere in the Magic City. But there’s something else that defines Miami: fitness! Miami residents and tourists alike have an excellent, varied selection of sports to train their bodies and minds. The proximity to world-class beaches, as well as an incredible natural bay, allows everyone to exercise with the most amazing waterfront views. Water sports, specifically, and Miami are no strangers to one another; both go hand-in-hand, creating a wonderful, active culture in the city that cannot be found anywhere else in the country. Are you ready for a workout? But not sure exactly how to work out? We’ve compiled a list of the best water sports in Miami! Let’s get started! 

Adventures on a Paddleboard

The ocean is part of Miami’s identity. These incredible waters, ranging in colors, and depths, teleport all of its visitors to otherwordly realms of aquatic life. The water isn’t simply Miami’s background; it’s the ultimate playground. One of the best ways to explore these waters is via paddle boarding. Either solo or accompanied, paddle on the serene, turquoise waves of the Atlantic. Discover the local marinas, cross paths with vibrant sea creatures like dolphins, and take in the most exquisite views of Miami’s skyline. New to paddleboarding? No worries! No experience necessary – just a sense of wonder and an adventurous soul. 

Sail the Great Blue

Sailboats are abundant in South Florida. Catch the guiding winds and sail across the majestic waters neighboring Downtown Miami. The golden sun rays will cascade across the waters, and the salty ocean winds will lead your every movement. Enjoy spectacular views of Miami’s skyline, and even catch glimpses of Miami Beach across the bay. Who knows, you might even have a visit from the curious animals that wander the bay during the day. Plus, get a great upper workout! It’s all wins all around.

Kayaking on the Bay

A kayaking adventure on Biscayne Bay is unforgettable. Spend as much time as you’d like discovering that bay’s true, natural beauty; you could also disembark on the idyllic Picnic Islands and explore the land by foot. If you’re ready for a challenge, make your way to the Venetian Islands and gander at the luxurious, palatial homes of Miami’s stars. Musicians, actors, and other celebrities make these amazing islands their year-round or summertime homes. You might even stumble on Gloria Estefan or Jennifer Lopez. Of course, the bay’s charm is just as, if not more, splendid. 

Snorkeling the Beyond

An underwater exploration? Say less! Miami’s waters are interconnected to the world’s third-largest barrier reef. Known as the Florida Straits, this barrier reef is home to incomparable imageries of sea life; vibrant fishes, wandering turtles, luscious underwater vegetation like seaweed, and of course, the magnificent formations of coral communities. Reefs range in difficulty to be reached – either as beginners or experts, various reefs will accommodate your expertise level. Fun fact: If you travel down to Long Reef, you’ll find the Alicia shipwreck from 1905. Now that’s a find! 

Flyboarding: The Future’s Here! 

With this new technology, fly up to 45 feet into the air! The Flyboard offers a unique experience of both thrills and sights; fly effortlessly above the wave with controllable settings and accelerations, and roam as your heart desires. The flyboard attaches to a watercraft while the main thrust is connected to your feet. It almost feels like you’re Iron Man! A brief tutorial will be administered to explain the mechanisms necessary to land, steer, float, and free-fly. But within minutes, you’ll be up in the sky!

Parasail Miami’s Skies

A new attraction has risen in Miami! Parasailing is both thrilling and relaxing, wondrous and unwinding; fly high above the coast and join the birds and the clouds. Now available in Miami, uncover exciting new views of Biscayne Bay and be one with the clear Miami sky. Don’t fret – no experience is necessary, and both landing and take-off are seamless experiences. Welcoming both the adventure-seekers and casual enjoyers, this breath-taking opportunity is waiting for you! 

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