The ULTIMATE Key West Tour: Nature Abounds!

Enjoy the glistening waters of Key West. (Photo by Subtle Cinematics/Unsplash)

Key West is a magical island full of history, culture, and breathtaking nature. Our many tours have taken our guests to the greatest corners of this coastal Florida city. The whimsical conch train has carried thousands of visitors to experience locally and nationally celebrated landmarks across Key West. Our parasailing tour has brought our customers up to the heavens, as they fly across the calm Caribbean Seas and feel closer to the sun, the sea birds, and the clouds. Many have embarked on the glass-bottom boat tour and have experienced the grandeur of peeking into the boundlessly blue waters of the sea. But this week, we change the game and unveil the ultimate Key West experience.

We introduce the greatest nature adventure: the Key West Ultimate Island Eco Tour! Offered with and without transportation to and from Miami, the Key West Ultimate tour is the BEST combo tour we’ve offered; in one single day, experience your summer fantasy and delight in a fabulous curation of intimate ecological trips. 

Firstly, embark from Key West’s Historic Seaport and be cradled by the gentle waves of the Caribbean. Ride on a state-of-the-art catamaran and discover the profound serenity only found in the waters of Key West. The dazzling sun will shine down on you and all problems and stresses will evaporate from the mind. Seven miles into the sea, you’ll uncover one of Florida’s many hidden gems: the third-largest coral reef in the world!

Enjoy the warmest sunlight and calmest sea weaves on this catamaran ride. (Photo by Muhammadh Saamy/Unsplash)

Second, get ready for an incomparable snorkeling adventure. Once above the coral reef, our expert captains will choose the ideal snorkeling place based on the day’s water and wind variables. From here, our trained crew members will provide a safety and snorkeling course to facilitate your diving process. What’s next, you might ask? Jump in! Swim into an aquatic universe, beaming with unique marine life. Dive alongside schools of tropical fishes, vibrant coral ecosystems, and playful mollusks and other sea creatures. If you have pending curiosities, speak to our crew; informed of the coral reef’s biology, our staff will answer any of your questions! Climb onto the catamaran as your last – but not ever least – destination awaits: Key West National Wildlife Refuge. 

Key West is home to the world’s third-largest coral reef. (Photo by Marek Okon/Unsplash)

The final stage of the Ultimate Key West tour ends with majestic, prehistoric beings. Home to many Mangrove islands, the National Refuge offers the greatest conditions for kayaking. Not just any form of kayaking – ecological kayaking. After another brief safety course, kayak along the warm and soothing waters protected by ancient mangrove trees on this guided excursion. This special biome has survived the test of time due to the mangroves’ tenacity and prowess; these trees have tamed and purifies the seawater, and acted as a natural drainage system. Enjoy the company of sea turtles, dolphins, manta rays, and even on this guided excursion more tropical fishes as you kayak in this dreamscape. 

Kayak amongst the ancient mangrove trees of these timeless Florida islands. (Photo by Timothy K./Unsplash)

After your many extraordinary tours, drift off into the Caribbean sea as the catamaran takes you back to the Historic Seaport. The gentle sea waves and the pink sunset will accompany you on your voyage to Key West. If you choose the tour package with Miami transportation, enjoy an overnight stay in Key West and explore the island to your heart’s content. (A morning bus will transport you back to the Magic City!)

We are more than proud to offer our customers the finest Key West experience. Enjoy a grand tour across the island’s magnificent ecosystems — with meals and equipment included with your reservation. Don’t wait until tomorrow; explore the best of this sea paradise today!