Nami’s Epic Adventure: Bimini Getaway!

Nami takes in Bimini’s glorious sunlight! (Photo by myKONAMI)

Nami from myKONAMI is headed on a fabulous vacation! 

She’s taking a break from her work on the Las Vegas Strip to explore the world. First up, Florida! She’s seen so many Gray Line Miami tour packages in the rewards store on her favorite app, myKONAMI Slots. Knowing she was able to get the BEST deals and lowest prices on awesome guided tours, she had a tough choice to make!

She could go wild in Everglades National Parkrelax in Key Westlive it up in Fort Lauderdale, or more! How would she ever decide with this extensive selection of possibilities? She decided to let luck guide her! She wrote all the options down and drew them from her favorite myKONAMI Slots hat. Bimini in the Bahamas it was! She couldn’t wait to sip a piña colada and sunbathe on a Caribbean beach!

To prepare herself she flew to Fort Lauderdale and got tested for COVID-19. With her negative result in hand, she packed the night before (vacation procrastination) and in the morning she took the luxurious ferry across the gentle ocean to The Bahamas. She took a nap on the sun deck, with the sounds of swooshing waves and seagulls as her white noise. 

She awoke to the announcement that they had reached land. She jumped up and scurried to disembark! Nami felt amazed at how brilliant and warm the sun felt, and Alice Town in Bimini was indescribably beautiful. She didn’t waste any time; she made her way to The Hilton at Resort World Bimini and took advantage of the day pass included in her Bimini tour. With access to the resort’s outdoor facilities, Nami had a plethora of ways to relax!

She started her day with a quick dip in the resort’s private beach. The crystal-like waters were serene and marvelous! The white sand seemed infinite – and refreshing – and Nami couldn’t resist herself to lay down. Wearing her favorite sunglasses, she pulled out her phone and started playing her favorite app, myKONAMI Slots.

Nami enjoys the outdoor facilities of The Hilton at Resort World Bimini! (Photo by myKONAMI)

All of her favorite myKONAMI Slots are in the palm of her hand with this awesome app. She can play her favorites from the floor, like Treasure Ball Mammoth Power, Classy Roses Color Bloom, China Shores jackpots, and Volcanic Rock Fire. Plus, she scores REAL rewards with Loyalty Points, like 20% off her day trip to Bimini!

After an hour or so on the beach, knowing herself, she later visited the boutique casino and played a few rounds on the slots. She met a friendly couple visiting from Albuquerque and they all went to the in-house restaurant, The Tides, for a late lunch. They shared a wonderful Italian meal and spoke endlessly about myKONAMI Slots. Time flew by, but Nami loved every second of their interaction!

Later in the day, before heading back to the ferry to Fort Lauderdale, Nami was deciding whether to swim a few laps in the outdoor pool or to head to one of the hotel’s bars, Hemingway’s Gourmet Sports Bar. She ultimately decided to visit the bar for her awaited piña colada! Once seated, she watched a quick game on the TV and sipped on her icy drink. She ordered a specialty, spicy tamarind wings, and delighted in her delicious meal into the evening.

As the sun descended behind the hazy atmosphere, the ocean seemed crimson and vast to Nami. She hopped on the tram towards the port, where the ferry would take her back to Florida. The clouds looked a pale pink and the palm trees danced in the soft breeze. Once in the port, she embarked on the massive ferry, where she returned to the sundeck. She stood watching Bimini shrink from afar, and she listened carefully to how the water crashed against the boat. Nami pondered where she would head next, but Bimini had been special. She was thrilled that this was only the beginning of her epic adventure.

myKONAMI slots have an exciting and vibrant collection of games! (Photo by myKONAMI) 

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