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Miami Boat Trips, Cruises & Tours

Miami is known for its white-sand beaches, deco architecture, Cuban culture, glitzy nightlife, and more. It has something for everyone. Once you have explored all the guided tours and land-based attractions in Miami, it's time to experience the city's waterways. There are plenty of things to see and do in Miami on land, but there is something different about experiencing the city from the water. 

Whether you are here with your family, friends, or just your partner, there is no better way to explore Miami than from the waters. Take in the beautiful sights of the city skyline from a new vantage point while cruising along the coastline on one of the many Miami Boat Tours offered by Gray Line. We offer a wide range of boat tours in Miami to suit your requirements and make your tropical dream come true. 

Gray Line offers the most top-rated boat trips, cruises and tours in Miami as we understand the importance of your vacation. Each of our boat tours is planned to perfection to create a wonderful experience for you. Explore some of our best Miami boat tours for some aquatic adventures, rich and famous spotting, and al fresco dining in South Florida.

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Biscayne Bay Sightseeing Tour & Stittsville Tour

Our Biscayne Bay tour is one of our most popular tours in Miami and is a must-do tour for people of all ages. This tour includes a ride along the 40 miles of the beautiful Biscayne Bay, Fisher Island, Stittsville, Port of Miami, Millionaire's Row, and the Miami River. You can relax on your boat while it travels through the crystal-clear waters of Biscayne Bay so you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the waterfront. 

A typical tour will start with a visit to the Bayside marketplace for shop quick shopping. There, you will take a cruise out for a Biscayne Bay sightseeing tour. During the Miami boat tour, you will see million-dollar celebrity mansions and the mesmerizing Miami skyline. Just sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery while listening to the tropical background music onboard. You'll have a knowledgeable tour guide sharing intriguing and interesting facts with you in the language of your choice for an insight into everything Miami has to offer. This incredible tour of urban South Florida is sure to be an unforgettable experience. 

Choose from half-day or full-day Bayside Miami boat tours from Gray Line and raise a toast to another perfect day in paradise in the double-decker boat with a cash bar. All vessels are meticulously maintained to provide you with the best experience. Make sure to bring your camera to capture the amazing Miami's landmarks you see on this exciting tour. 

Everglades Airboat Adventure Tour

Enjoy Florida's most remarkable treasure - The Everglades National Park with our Everglades Airboat Adventure boat tour. This fragile subtropical wilderness offers an incredible outdoor adventure that should not be missed. Hop on to the well-maintained airboat that will glide you across the mangroves and marshlands at a slow speed to allow you to get close up and personal with the wildlife in the area. The airboat tour takes you on an adventure where you can catch a glimpse of wildlife as your airboat glides through the slash pine forest. You can spot alligators, crocodiles, ospreys, native birds, snakes, and manatees in the hour long ride in their natural habitat. But the adventure does not stop with the airboat ride!

After the airboat tour, the adventure continues as you enjoy a number of live shows at the park. Among them, the live alligator presentation by the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue team at the park is a must-see. They delight the audience with amazing tricks, stunts and provide critical information about the preservation and conservation effect for the American alligator and the wetlands. You may even get a once in a lifetime chance to hold a baby alligator. You can also explore a variety of different animals at the park, including egrets, roseate spoonbills, white-tailed deer and osprey. The Park is also home to a number of other reptiles, fish and plants. 

Choose our personalized small airboat tours to match your preferred timing and maximize your sighting opportunities. Choose one of the covered passenger airboats allowing you to enjoy the boat ride without worrying about the weather. Book your tour with Grey Line at the best prices if you are looking for an eco-adventure Everglades airboat tour and spot some endangered species in their habitat.

Everglades Night Tour - Sawgrass Recreation Park

Experience Everglade in the dark with our Everglades Night Tour. There is nothing like experiencing Everglades at night as the park comes alive at night. Everglades unfolds an entirely different landscape during the night with hosts of nocturnal birds, insects and animals coming out that are not seen during the day. If you are looking for something unusual and something more adventurer, choose from our Everglades Night Tour at Gray Line for a real adventure. 

The experienced tour guides will take you across the everglades during the night. The tour includes a nighttime boat adventure to visit the exclusive location and a chance to witness amphibians, reptiles and insects in the night. The guides will use flashlights to search the waters, looking for the bright glow of alligators' eyes and get you as close to them as possible from the safety of your boat. You'll be able to hear the exotic sounds of frogs, owls, bats, and hundreds of species of insects as your boat sneak through the grass for a rare experience you will not forget any time soon. 

Book your tickets for Everglades Night Tour well in advance as they are highly popular among tourists and locals alike. Gray Line offers great tour packages with discounts to ensure you and your family can have fun without spending any extra money. The Everglades Night Tour will also include a day trip to the Sawgrass Recreation Park, allowing you to experience many different shows and exhibits it has to offer. 

Key West Trip with Glass Bottom Boat Ride

Embark on an unforgettable adventure to America's only living coral reefs located off the coast of Key West. If you are keen to watch the living coral reef but do not want to jump into the water, our Glass Bottom boat tours would be perfect for you. The underwater vistas should not be reserved just for the scuba divers. 

As you relax on the state-of-the-art Catamaran glass bottom cruise, all you need to do is look down below the feet. From the glass-bottom boat, you will be able to witness the most impressive brain coral, sturdy and yet vulnerable standing sentry for the hundreds of species of fish to complete the intriguing seascape. Not just the colorful coral reefs, you can also witness a variety of sea life, including tropical fishes, turtles, lobsters, crabs, jellyfish, rays, seahorses, nurse sharks and other sea creatures hiding and playing among the reefs. The captain and the knowledgeable crew will point out the reef's interesting history and provide information on the marine life that inhabits the waters.

You can even upgrade your tour to include a sunset cruise so you and your partner can enjoy the sun setting into the Gulf of Mexico with a champagne glass in your hands. Since these boats have comfortable seating and a large viewing area, they are perfect for people of all ages. For your convenience, book your Key West Trip tickets with Gray Like for an assured seat on the cruise to enjoy the mesmerizing undersea world in the comfort of your boat. 

Sport Fishing on Party Boat

Spend an exciting day fishing in the Atlantic Ocean under the beautiful weather of Miami. Book your sportfishing tour and travel the bay looking for marine species in the region and filling yourself with the adrenaline rush of fishing some of the most exotic species. 

The waters off the coast of Miami offer many fishing opportunities that you do not want to miss. With our sportfishing tour, you can enjoy an angler's experience with a completely professional crew. The experienced captain will direct you to the best fishing spots where you can catch Sailfish, Wahoo, Mahi, Kingfish and much more. On the boat, you will be provided with all the equipment you need for sport fishing, and the best thing is you do not have to be an expert to have a great time. You will get professional assistance from the crew on board on how to set up, bait the hook in the right manner and help you land the big catch of the day. You can keep any fish you catch, or the crew can clean and bag your catch at no extra charge. It is an exhilarating experience that you will not want to miss.

Our full-day fishing tours are the most popular, but half-day tours are also good enough if you are pressed for time. Whether you are in Miami with your family or friends, sport fishing tours can accommodate everyone on the same boat. You can even book your own private charter if you are looking to indulge. Book your sportfishing tour on Gray Line and give your loved ones an adventure memory that will last for a lifetime. 

Private Boat Tour Miami

See the best attractions of Miami and soak in the beautiful views by water with private boat tours Miami! Private boat tours are perfect for couples looking for a romantic time or for a group on vacation with friends and family. The entire group will have a lot of fun sailing from one island to another in a comfortable private boat. Feel free to wear your swimsuit and jump in for a swim, have a cocktail or sit back and enjoy the incredible tour. Your private guide will keep you entertained with funny and fascinating stories about the history and the celebrity culture that the city has to offer. If you want to cruise around like a celebrity in Miami, Gray Line private boat tours would be perfect. We can also help customize your boat tours for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor or bachelorette parties and more.  

Make Your Miami Stay Special with Gray Line

With so many things to see in Miami, it is common to get overwhelmed. But we at Gray Line make it easy for you to pick the best boat tours, so you do not miss out on any wonderful experiences that Miami has to offer.  Whether you are looking for a relaxing boat tour to take you to different sites or looking for something more exciting, check out our top Miami boat tours and choose the best for you and your family and friends. 

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