The TOP 4 Walkable Tours Across South Florida

Walking tours offer a more intimate travel experience! (Photo by Canva)

South Florida is home to endless wonders. Of course, you have the pristine beaches, the magical sunsets, the lazy palm trees, crystal-clear skies, sapphire blue waters, and incredible animal species – you know, the Florida staples! Add to this unique mix vibrant cities that feature remarkable cultures, histories, and incomparable cuisines. With so much to offer, how do you see it all? Best way to do so: By foot! Guided walking tours offer an intimate look into all these wonderful locations; on your time, meander and discover fun surprises and unique features of South Florida. And with these four amazing walking tours, you and your feet will uncover some marvelous locations and flavors! 

1. South Beach Culinary Walking Tour

SoBe, as locals call it, features many world-class restaurants. You can discover delicious, eclectic dishes that span every continent, from South American cuisines to Asian, and European. On this three-and-a-half walking tour, you’ll savor tasty foods like Argentinian appetizers, Japanese doughnuts, Spanish croquetas, Cuban Pastelitos, and many more. Additionally, you’ll learn from local experts about the history, architecture, and culture of each restaurant you’ll visit. This is the ultimate eating experience! 

A scrumptious food tour? Yes, please! (Photo by Canva)

2. Key West Old Town Food Tour

Foodies rejoice! We have another first-rate eating tour on this list. Key West, Florida Keys’s crown jewel, is a sensational city built on the Gulf of Mexico. Besides the indescribably beautiful coast and seaside views, this island dream has a world-known local fare. Fruits of the Seas are scrumptious seafood dishes with deep roots to the Key West lore. This guided tour takes you to five distinct food locales across the Historic Seaport and Mallory Square, and even a visit to a Rum Distillery. Absolutely delicious. 

Key West’s Fruits of the Seas are absolute musts. (Photo by Canva)

3. Key West Day Trip & Hop-On, Hop-Off Trolley

Let’s explore Key West some more! Besides internationally-recognized dishes, Key West features unique attractions including the Southernmost Point, H. S. Truman’s Little White House, Duval Street, and so much more. Circle the city in colorful trolleys, and whenever you’re ready to stroll and explore, hop off and walk to your heart’s desire. Ready to go to the next landmark? Hop back on the next incoming trolley as they continuously pass around, giving your as much time as you’d like to explore. This is the next level of a walking tour! 

Duval Street is just one of Key West’s many treasures. (Photo by Canva)

4. Miami Sightseeing – Hop-On Hop-Off All Loops Tour

Another trolley tour, but this time, in the Magic City! Uncover eight (8!) fabulous tourist destinations, including Bayside Marketplace, Wynwood, Downtown Miami, Little Havana – and, yeah, many more. Hop off on your time, and walk around to make personal connections to Miami’s marvelous landmarks. From contemporary to historical spots, enjoy both Miami’s past and present on this carefully curated tour.

Miami, the Magic City, has tons to see and even more to experience. (Photo by Canva)