Miami is famous for its amazing weather, beautiful beaches, hip nightlife and unique atmosphere.It attracts visitors and new residents regularly – many of them well known faces – and many famous celebrities were born and grew up right here! This mix makes Miami an incredible place to visit and to live in.

Sir Sidney Poitier, KBE

Oscar winning actor, Sidney Poitier, was born in Miami in the late 1920s, during a visit by his parents from Cat Island, in the nearby Bahamas. 

As a teen he moved to Miami to ‘avoid delinquency’.  He later moved to New York aged 18 where he held a variety of low paid jobs and slept in a bus station. He eventually got a bit part on Broadway and won fabulous reviews – a sweet moment after harsh rejections. After a tough start to his acting career, he was offered leading roles on stage and significant roles in film productions. The first African American to win an Oscar for a leading role, he remains a towering figure in the acting world, and was highly active in the Civil Rights movement. 

Gloria Estefan

Lead singer of the famous Miami Sound Machine in the 1980s, Gloria Estefan was born in Cuba but has lived in Miami for most of her adult life. She and her family – including her husband Emilio Estefan, also of Miami Sound Machine fame, live on Star Island – one of the most prestigious addresses in Miami. Gloria and Emilio own restaurants – Bongos Cuban Café and Larios on the Beach on Miami Beach and in Downtown Miami. 

Catherine Keener

Of Irish and Lebanese descent, Keener was born and grew up right here in Miami. Her sister, Elizabeth, is also an actress! Despite little success early in her acting career, Keener has since gone on win, and be nominated for, numerous awards including two Academy Award nominations for her roles in Being John Malkovic (1999) and Capote (2005).

Image source: Wikipedia

Patricia Cornwell

World famous crime writer, Patricia Cornwell was born in Miami, 1956. A descendant of Harriet Beecher Stowe – the abolitionist – Cornwell began working as a reporter for The Charlotte Observer, a newspaper covering North and South Carolina. Later, she moved on to crime reporting. The first book in her famous Scarpetta series was published in 1990 and her books have since gone on to sell over 100 million copies!

Andy Garcia 

Born in Cuba, Garcia moved to Miami when he was five years old. Garcia was educated in Miami and attended Miami Beach Senior High School where he played on the basketball team. His transition to acting was prompted by illness during his last year of High School and he has since gone on to star in movies such as The Godfather Part 3, When a Man Loves a Woman and Ocean’s Eleven and its sequels.

Image source: Wikipedia

Enrique Iglesias

Son of music star Julio Iglesias, Enrique has followed in his father’s footsteps into the music business and has earned himself the title: ‘King of Latin Pop’. Born in Spain, he moved to Miami as a child, and has lived here ever since, apart from one year in Yugoslavia. He now lives on Miami Beach – close to his tennis star girlfriend. 

Oscar Issac 

The Guatemalan-American actor who recently appeared as Poe Dameron in Star Wars, The Force Awakens and X-Men: Apocalypse was raised in Miami Florida and developed his interest in acting right here in the city. 

mage source: Wikipedia

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez or A-Rod is a former professional baseball player – playing 22 seasons in Major League Baseball, and is considered one of the greatest baseball players of all time. Born in NYC, he and his family moved to the Dominican Republic and then Miami when he was little. Miami has been his second home for years – and he has a home in Coral Gables. 

Image source: Wikipedia

So, Miami is a fabulous year round destination, with fantastic weather, beaches, sights and a vibrant atmosphere. Our residents and visitors as well as our celebrity residents and visitors love it here.  Head on over to the Gray Line Miami website for details on how we can help you make the most of your trip here. We’ll help you see the sights, and we can even transfer you from the airport to your hotel and back again. We’ve got you covered. Full details atgraylinemiami.com 

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