Bayfront Park Miami

Miami is the ultimate destination. Its beaches are to die for, its nightlife is on point, and the cultural scene is incredible. It also turns out that Miami’s outdoor spaces – like Bayfront Park – are also very special. Sitting right next to Biscayne Bay – this is a beautiful spot to chill, soak in the bay side views or even enjoy some memorable Miami celebrations and performances. 

Bayfront Park is a gorgeous urban oasis that hugs the beautiful blue waters of Biscayne Bay, making it a perfect spot for relaxation. You’ll find palm trees, a sandy beach, and in true Miami style, they juxtapose very well with the urban cityscape of downtown Miami that lies to the side of the park – which is awash with some great restaurants and bars.

he Downtown Miami skyline from Bayfront Park.

When Bayfront Park was redesigned in the 1980s, the architect positioned three sculptures in the park. Look out for the Slide Mantra, which is a twisting spiral of marble that doubles as a playground for kids, and the Light Tower – a 40ft sculpture representing moonlight over Miami. The third is designed to remember the astronauts killed in the 1996 Challenger space shuttle disaster – it’s a representation of the shuttle itself and a human DNA chain. Bayfront Park is also home to the JFK torch of friendship – designed to be a welcoming beacon for all old and new immigrants who’ve arrived on these shores.

Bayfront Park is the ultimate place to relax and play – since it’s also home to two of the best outdoor entertainment venues – the Klipsch Amphitheater and the Tina Hills Pavilion. This means that Bayfront Park is THE place to be come July 4th and New Year’s Eve in particular. On Independence Day, Bayfront Park Miami hosts the city’s annual ‘American Birthday Bash’ with an incredible firework display, and live music performances. The Bayfront Park New Year’s Eve celebration is equally as entertaining and is now a challenger to New York City’s ball drop celebrations. New Year’s Eve in Miami is particularly special because of the Bayfront Park celebration, and the spectacular midnight fireworks over Biscayne Bay. The park also offers a brilliant spot to view these from. 

Bayfront and Downtown waterside

Year round, Bayfront Park plays host to some excellent shows. It’s one of the best venues around simply because it’s big enough to attract some big names, but small enough to still feel very intimate. Before you visit Miami, perhaps check out what events are on at the Bayfront Park. It could be anything from a daily dose of yoga, or a weekly lesson with the flying trapeze school, or a live music act.

Bayfront Park is the perfect place to rest and play at the side of Biscayne Bay.  Admire the view by the park’s beach on the bay, in the shade of palm trees – or party with headline entertainment acts at Miami’s best outdoor entertainment venue. For more information on how to tour Miami and get around town to places like Bayfront Park during your visit, please contact us for a whole host of options. We’d be delighted to show you around Miami.