3 Ways to Save on a Luxury Miami Vacation

Having a luxury vacation is but a few tips away! (Photo by Canva)

So you want to plan a vacation in Miami but are suspicious that you may not be able to afford it. Worry no more! With a bit of strategic planning, you can plan for a luxury vacation in Miami filled with lots of fun and affordable experiences. 

When it comes to preparing for your Miami vacation, the sooner you can get started, the more savings you are sure to find. Follow these tips to plan the Miami vacation of your dreams.

Establish A Budget

As with any vacation plan, you will need to establish a realistic budget to work with when booking your stay. The best way to build up your budget is to start saving as soon as possible. If you haven’t already, set up a vacation fund with your bank account or even keep a budget binder at home to put away extra cash for any future vacations you want to take. This is a great way to ensure that you are passively saving.  

If you’re getting a later start on your vacation saving, look to any available funds you have set aside and if there’s any flexibility within those budget plans. Or, if you’re planning any home improvement projects in the near future, consider taking out a loan for those projects closer to your trip to spread out the funds across your vacation and the intended tasks. Getting creative with your budget planning can be an excellent tool for finding unexpected savings.  

Once you’ve determined where you can free up some money, add up your total and determine how you plan to spend that money on your vacation. From hotel accommodations to airfare or car travel to food costs, and extra spending money, all of these areas will need money allocated to them prior to your vacation, so having a fixed budget to work with is necessary.

With savings & clear plan, you can experience so much during your trip. (Photo by Canva)

Book A Shorter Stay 

Another way to save on your vacation is to book a shorter stay. While you may think this means you won’t get to do everything you hoped to while in Miami, this isn’t necessarily the case! The best way to make the most of your time is by booking sightseeing activities in Miami to easily see the city without spending too much money or time in one location. 

A sightseeing tour not only provides you with transportation all around the city but allows you to map out any locations that you want to spend a little more time at later on in your trip. It’s a good idea to make the sightseeing tour one of the first things you do when you arrive in order to plan the rest of your activities based on what you see on your tour.

Another benefit of a shorter stay is the savings on hotel accommodations and food. While both of these areas will take up a large portion of your budget, you will end up having more money to spend on souvenirs and activities than you would during a longer stay.

Finally, a shorter stay allows you to feel more engaged with the city while you are visiting. The limited time encourages you to do and see as much as possible while you’re in Miami, so you are much less likely to waste time on activities that you could do just about anywhere. 

Enjoy more in less time – your favorite landmarks await. (Photo by Canva)

 Try A Luxury Hotel Day Pass

Another great way to get the luxury Miami experience without the luxury price tag is by purchasing day passes to luxury hotels. This can give you access to pools, clubs, spas, and more in a luxury space without paying the additional cost of staying overnight at the hotel. This is a great option for a short stay when you may not have much time to use your hotel’s amenities. If you were to have spent money on a luxury hotel but didn’t have ample time to utilize all of its offerings, you would essentially be wasting your money. 

Hotel day passes are a great way to spend the day before going out for the night to bars or restaurants to finish off the day. Enjoying a luxury hotel day is sure to make you feel like you are on vacation getting the rest and relaxation you deserve. 

Before you plan a vacation to Miami, be sure to take time with your plans to ensure that you create a luxury experience for yourself while staying on a budget.

 With a hotel day pass, luxury and leisure are all you’ll know! (Photo by Canva)