The Best Beaches in Miami

(Photo by Ashley Satanosky/Unsplash)

The summer season is here! And no one does the summer better than Miami. With its famed Art Deco architecture, fabulous cuisine, vibrant nightlife, and amazing shopping, everyone flocks to Miami to have the best summer experience. But with miles of golden coasts, the Magic City is truly famous for its vast selection of beaches for both locals and tourists. In this list, we’ll explore some of the best beaches that Miami has to offer – guaranteed that you’ll find your next favorite spot!

1. South Beach

Arguably the pinnacle of Miami beaches, South Beach is as prominent as the city itself. The locals may refer to it as SoBe, but this world-known beach has a great reputation with most, if not all, who visit the Magic City. This iconic beach is a microcosm of Miami, offering both Art Deco buildings as well as contemporary architecture, the most exquisite restaurants, the hottest art galleries, and some of the best nightspots. The colorful lifeguard towers are just as famous as the boardwalk lined with everything from shops to bars to a bike road. The beach also connects to Espanola Way and Lincoln Pedestrian Mall, two of Miami’s best gastronomical and historical sights. Don’t wait any longer, come and visit this legendary beachfront! 

(Photo by Joël de Vriend/Unsplash)

2. Lummus Park

Known as the shooting location for Miami Vice, this picturesque seaside is one of the most popular and pristine beaches in the city. Located in Miami’s South Beach neighborhood, this beachfront offers white, soft sand, a very manicured park with paved paths, and some of the best views of the Atlantic Ocean. Sunbathe, go for a quick dip in the warm waters, read a book, or go for a snack in one of the many restaurants and food trucks available. Don’t forget that there’s plenty of ice cream here, too! Come and enjoy this glistening shore.

(Photo by Antonio Cuellar/Unsplash)

3. Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

Located in the southern tip of Key Biscayne, this beach is very much considered “low-key.” It’s a tranquil, serine beach, far from the often crowded and booming seashores like South Beach. Best for families and even a cute date, this beach has some incredible views of the Miami skyline, as well as a beautiful collection of beach trails. Enjoy the 19th century Cape Florida lighthouse and Stiltsville, a historic residence group that seems to float along Biscayne Bay. 

Cape Florida — Lighthouse at Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park with the structures of Stiltsville in the background. Photo by Peter W. Cross

4. The Setai Beach Club @21st Street

Opulent. Deluxe. Exclusive. This hotel and strip of South Beach are known for a pricey and remarkable pool and beach experience. The hotel offers a collection of pools with varying temperatures, butlers, and private loungers on the immaculate beach. Undoubtedly, Setai Miami Beach is the best selection for when you want to splurge for a special date or a grand getaway. While it may be high-heeled, Setai will offer a priceless beach experience. While the beach club and pools are solely for hotel guests, the lavish Ocean Grill restaurant is open to the public. 

 (Photo by Antonio Cuella/Unsplash)

5. Oleta River State Park

If you’re seeking an extraordinary beach experience, pack your kayak and travel over to Oleta River State Park. Historical Miami comes to life on this beachfront, with tidal mangroves, islets, sandbars, and riverways that melt into the grand Atlantic Ocean. The park stands out in urban Miami as a time capsule, full of lush greenery and preserved nature. (So natural that Sandspur Island, within the park, is populated by raccoons!) Walk or drive to Oleta’s beach cove, and delight in an incredible bathing spot for the entire family. 

Oleta River State Park — One of nicest beaches in a city of nice beaches is right here at Oleta River State Park. Be aware that lifeguards are not present on the beach, so swim at your own risk. Photo by Peter W. Cross

Just like Miami, the beach scene is highly eclectic, with a little something for everyone. But don’t worry! Whether you prefer popular beaches, a quiet shore, or an extravagant beachfront, you can never go wrong with any Miami beach. Enjoy your stay!