Art Deco Dreams & Ocean Breezes: Your Guide to the Best Things to Do in South Beach Miami


A trip to South Beach, Miami, can never be a miss at any time of the year. For anyone looking for a place to rest, relax, or party, there are many things to do in South Beach, Miami, Florida. While Miami can be serene and soulful, it can also be completely unexpected—just when you thought you had it figured out.

Although the wild party scene and stunning beaches of South Beach are undeniably its primary attractions, this renowned oceanfront neighborhood also boasts of its classic Art Deco style and amazing art galleries. You may not know, but Miami Beach has the largest collection of Art Deco architecture in the United States. 

In addition to being an Art Deco district, this lively city has many more unspoken hidden gems waiting to be explored. We are talking about speakeasy historic bars that bring back the memories of the prohibition era and, of course, the city’s famously diverse cuisine.

If you are planning a trip soon, join us as we explore South Beach in this piece. In this guide, we will show you some of the most amazing things to do in South Beach, Miami, that will satisfy your curiosity, whether you are looking for cultural significance or uncovering something new.

7 Unique Things To Do in Miami South Beach

If you want the best experience from your Miami Beach vacation, consider trying one or more of these activities on our list of things to do in South Beach, Miami, Florida. These activities guarantee that you will have an unforgettable experience.

1. Miami Beach Botanical Garden

Nestled just north of bustling South Beach, the Miami Beach Botanical Garden offers a peaceful, green escape from the fast pace of the city. Originally opened in 1968 and renovated in 2011 with support from the Miami Beach Visitor and Convention Authority (MBVCA), this compact 2.6-acre urban refuge packs native Florida plants, exotic imported botanicals, and a quiet Japanese garden.

Beyond botanical splendors, the Garden also functions as a beloved venue for community gatherings. Visitors and locals enjoy weekend live music performances in the intimate open-air amphitheater. Whether you are seeking a tropical paradise or just relaxing for a bit, the Miami Beach Botanical Garden is the perfect place to be!

2. South Pointe Park

Seeking fun things to do in South Beach? The scenic South Pointe Park is located on the southern end of the area and offers almost all that South Beach retreat you crave. There, you will find the tall, shiny, high-rise buildings give way to open views looking out over the sparkling bay and ocean.

If you are up for some family and friend time, you can picnic in the area while admiring cruise ships headed towards the Port of Miami. Kids can play at the playgrounds in view of Smith & Wollensky’s soaring wine tower. If fishing is your thing, you can reel in some catch off the South Pointe Pier. Nature lovers will also appreciate walking the beach trail and watching shorebirds hunt.

3. Lincoln Road Mall

Craving things to do in South Beach? Lincoln Road Mall has what it takes to give you that iconic Miami Vibe. During the day, many tourists and residents are drawn to the energetic outdoor shopping area for excellent people-watching, eating, and shopping. 

Sidewalk cafés, upscale food halls, boutiques, and experiential stores are some of the South Beach attractions that line the area. If you get hungry during your South Beach adventure, you can refuel at the many juice bars and coffee shops lining the shaded walkways.

4. Holocaust Memorial Miami Beach

Visiting the Holocaust Memorial in Miami Beach is definitely one of the fun things to do in South Beach, Miami, if you are a fan of history. This beautiful beach is home to a monument of one of humanity’s darkest times. This sprawling space commemorates the six million Jewish victims of Nazi brutality during World War II.

As you walk the hallowed grounds of the area, you will notice a bronze arm emerges from the ground, fingers stretched toward the sky in a symbol of the struggle and resilient spirit of those lost. It might not sound like one of the best fun things to do in South Beach, Miami. Still, the memorial provides a reflective, educational experience with several exhibits in the gallery space.

5. Art Deco Welcome Center

Source: Pixabay

Immerse yourself in South Beach’s Art Deco Historic District at the illuminating Welcome Center. This small contemporary art museum overflows with the neighborhood’s history, style, and charm. You will love the beautiful display of brightly colored buildings.

You can explore old maps and shiny pamphlets to plan your walking tour of this Historic District. Or you can book our guided tour that goes inside classy hotels nearby, eateries, and theaters to share tales behind the lively outsides of these structures in the glamorous 1920s-30s style.

The neighborhood’s retro feeling becomes clear as you wander the visually striking boardwalk with palm trees, looking up at evenly layered towers, shiny chrome details, and vintage neon wall art. Look inside lobbies decorated with shiny terrazzo floors, open curves, and fun ocean designs reflecting the nearby sparkling sea.

6. Wilzig World Erotic Art Museum

Explore the alluring World Erotic Art Museum, a two-story ode to the captivating history of human sexuality. Journey through the ages, from ancient fertility figurines to vivid Japanese shunga woodcuts and contemporary multimedia works.

Encounter Greek nude statues, explicit Kama Sutra illustrations, and a diverse phallus collection. Modern art pieces seamlessly transform taboos into captivating visual expressions, ensuring surprises at every corner. This thought-provoking museum challenges boundaries with humor, providing profound insights into the spectrum of human sexuality.

7. Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU

Step into Miami’s Jewish history at the Jewish Museum of Florida, nestled amidst Art Deco hotels. Housed in two historic synagogues, this museum intricately weaves tales of the city’s vibrant Hebrew community, making it one of the best things to do in South Beach, Florida.

Stroll through halls with over 600 photos, documents, and artifacts, tracing Jewish life in Florida back to 1763. Marvel at a 19th-century matzah tray and explore images of congregations over the decades, unraveling the storied history of Miami’s inaugural Jewish resident.

Final Thoughts

As we end our best things to do in the South Beach Miami list, remember that Miami has something for everyone. Whether your plan is to spend a night or two in Miami, these fun things to do in South Beach, Miami, Florida, will surely make your stay memorable. If you are ready, get ready with your loved ones and book your reservation with us now!