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Miami Seaquarium Tickets

Explore the magic of the underwater world at Miami Seaquarium with great discounts on tickets and complete tours only at Gray Line. There are many different shows every day to enjoy for adults and delight children.

Located on the island of Virginia Key, Miami Seaquarium is one of the most popular attractions in South Florida and should not be missed. This world class marine life entertainment park opened its doors in 1955 and is one of the oldest aquariums in the US. Spread across 40-acres, the park receives more than half-million visitors in a year. It is an attraction like no other and is perfect for people of all ages. 

The Miami Seaquarium VIP tour offers a wide range of interactive, fun, and educational activities for you to explore. With so many things to do, the attraction is sure to bring a wide smile to your face. By booking with us, you get to come and enjoy all the shows and exhibits without rushing through the day.

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  • Miami Seaquarium - Attraction Ticket

    Miami Seaquarium - Attraction Ticket

    Visit this marine life theme park, home to performing killer whales, sea lions and more

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Get Up Close and Personal with Animals

Miami Seaquarium offers a number of different experiences, and animal encounters are the most popular ones. Tour the different animal shows and watch many entertaining and educational shows at Miami Seaquarium. Check out the Flipper Dolphin Show to see the dolphins exhibiting their intelligence and grace while performing spins, tail walks, jumps, and flips. You’ll love the antics of the Salty the Sea Lion at the Golden Dome, where the sea lion star shows off his comedic and athletic abilities. Miami Seaquarium is also the only place where you watch killer whale Lolita performing and playing alongside dolphins. 

Kids and adults will love cooling off in the mini-water park. You can not only watch but also have a fun swim with dolphins, sea lions, penguins, and others. Whether experiencing the dorsal pull while swimming with the dolphins, interacting and feeding the seals in the shallow and deep water, or meeting the penguins one-on-one in their natural settings, the experiences are highly surreal. You can kiss the animals, feed them snacks and make a new sea friend. The ticket also includes photographs with your new friends such as sea lions, dolphins, and other animals to share with your loved ones later on. 

Another unforgettable experience is the Star Trek Reef encounter. The underwater walking journey takes you through the tropical reef while wearing a dive helmet allowing you to breathe freely. You can encounter many thousands of unique sea creatures such as tropical fish, eagle rays, moray eels, and more.  Book your tickets for Seaquarium Miami Florida with Gray Line and immerse yourself in the most exciting adventure you will ever get to experience.  All animal encounters are supervised by experts to ensure health safety throughout. 

Explore Various Exhibits and Presentations

Be amazed at the different exhibits and presentations of marine animals at the Miami Seaquarium! You can catch these exhibits in-between the shows and presentations or right at the end. 

The world-class Tropical Reef Aquarium at the Miami Seaquarium allows you to catch a glimpse of many different fishes and water creatures in its natural habitat that will delight children and adults alike. You may even watch divers’ hand-feeding the fish if your timings are right. Around the Top Deck Dolphin area, there are a few smaller exhibits with small critters such as anemonefish, seahorses, cleaner shrimp, eels, and others. Our Miami Seaquarium ticket price also includes the Manatee exhibit, where you can check these gentle giants swimming at the top side of the pool, or you can watch them through the glasses for good closeups. 

Do not miss out on the Sea Turtle Exhibit to learn more about these beautiful and endangered marine animals and what is being done to help conserve their population. Another one of the exhibits that are popular among the kids is the StingRay Touch Pools, where you can catch them gliding in their large pool and even feed them. Apart from marine life, there is also a wildlife exhibit within the premises where you can find crocodiles, flamingos, peacocks, macaws, and more. 

Learn More About Marine Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Initiatives

Miami Seaquarium is committed to wildlife conservation and runs a number of rehabilitation programs for many marine animals. The delicate sea creatures such as manatees and sea turtles face a number of challenges like diseases, physical disabilities, and attacks. Thus there is a need for wildlife conservation, including monitoring and routine care. At Miami Seaquarium, the visitors can learn about sea creatures that are rescued, treated, rehabilitated, and then released back to their natural habitat. The highly-trained veterinarians, animal caretakers, divers, and other team members remain an inherent part of the marine rehabilitation and rescue team. 

Dining Options at Miami Seaquarium

Admission to Miami Seaquarium gives you access to a number of dining options for all appetites and diets. Some of the most popular eateries inside the Miami Seaquarium are Dolphin Lobby Snack Bar, Manatee Bay Cafe, Scuba Scoops, Whale Spout Pizza, Dockside BBQ, Dippin Dots, and more. All food items inside are maintained to the highest standards in an effort to keep you as healthy and safe as possible.

Take Back Souvenirs for Your Loved Ones

Many gift shops are located inside the Miami Seaquarium, offering a wide range of items such as stuffed marine animal toys, mugs, sunglasses, apparel, postcards, and more. These shops have a variety of things for adults and children of all ages. 

Book Discounted Miami Seaquarium Tickets with Gray Line

Whether you are visiting Miami with your family or a few close friends, Gray Line provides you an all-inclusive Miami Seaquarium tour along with transportation anywhere in the city. Just book your tour and kick back while we make the effort to keep you entertained throughout. 


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