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Miami museums you should visit

Posted by Harry on June 28, 2017

We've said before that Miami was an iconic holiday destination. If you picture this destination in your mind’s eye – you might picture white pristine beaches, beautiful blue skies, with a hint of neon at night. But, Miami is more than that – it’s a cultural hot spot. Here we take a look at the Miami museums you should visit during your stay here: 

Villa Vizcaya and Gardens

Originally built as a winter estate for James Deering. The gardens are stunning and were based on European styles popular at the time. After falling into disrepair, the property, its contents and gardens were sold to the County for $1 million. 

#Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is one of #Miami’s greatest treasures.

Perez Art Museum 

This art museum is in Museum Park in Miami, having relocated there in 2013. (Museum Park is located in Downtown Miami). The Perez Art Museum focuses on twentieth century art and contemporary art. It recently took on several hundred new pieces in 2013, so even the most experienced contemporary art fan is likely to find something new here. 


The newly built, and extended, Perez Art Museum #FIndAReasonToGo

The Bass

Still on the contemporary art theme, The Bass museum also focuses on this genre. However, it’s currently undergoing building works and won’t reopen again until October 2017, but it’s one to add to your list if you are visiting later this year. 


This museum charts the history of the area – with permanent exhibitions that chart back 10,000 years. It’s the largest history museum in Florida and is a fabulous way to really understand the story of the Miami area. 

 Miami Children’s Museum 

This is a great choice if you are visiting with children, or if you are just a big kid yourself! It is filled with fun and interactive exhibits. There’s a climbing wall, and a two-story sandcastle to explore. There’s something going on every day, so before you visit, check their calendar. 


#Miami Children’s Museum looks as much fun from the outside as it does inside!

Gold Coast Rail Road Museum 

This is another option for those with children, or those who are rail enthusiasts. The museum preserves historic railroad cars, like the one built for President Roosevelt. 

World Erotic Art Museum 

As the name suggests, this Miami Beach museum focuses on erotic art – with one exhibition dating as far back as 300BC. Their exhibitions change every so often, so if you’ve been before, you’re likely to see something new on your latest visit. Obviously, everyone who visits needs to be 18+. 

Museum of Contemporary Art

The MOCA is known for its thought provoking exhibitions. It has 600+ pieces from established and emerging international artists, and even more are part of their temporary exhibitions. 


Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens

This not for profit organisation aims to give visitors a love for the environment. The founders, Fairchild and Montgomery, were dedicated to documenting and studying plant life from around the world. Their collection is still being added to every year, and visitors will certainly be in awe of the vegetation on display. 

The Wolfsonian 

Located on Miami Beach, this museum is a design-orientated museum with an impressive collection of architectural and industrial design, as well as furniture, paintings and sculpture on exhibition.  There’s 180,000 items on display. The hours do change and vary so make sure you check before you go. 


With over 180,000 items, the #Wolfsonian is incredibly absorbing. 

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Gray Line Miami team. 

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