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27 Jul 2017

Where to shop in Miami

Our insider guide to shopping in Miami, including the best areas, malls and stores. Many thanks to the fabulous Gray Line tour g…

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10 May 2017

About Little Havana

Little Havana is a neighborhood in Miami, Florida, USA, named after Havana the capital of Cuba, and yes – it is as vibrant as it…

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13 Apr 2017

Best beaches in Miami

There are many reasons to visit Miami. It is beautiful, fun and has a rich culture, excellent shopping and nightlife, and it’s a…

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27 Mar 2017

About Jungle Island

Miami is bursting with things to see and do. One of the most enduring attractions in the area is Jungle Island – a zoological pa…

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18 Jan 2017

About Coconut Grove Miami

Coconut Grove’. Say it out loud. It sounds idyllic, right? Well – it is as good as it sounds. Coconut Grove is Miami’s original …

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16 Jan 2017

The History Of Miami

The history of Miami is as colourful as the city itself. To prove the point, here are Gray Line Miami’s top ten facts on the his…

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